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Milagro Luigi, with Flanders Filters Corp. of Washington NC, said "she really appreciated that we were providing the service. That it really freeed her up in many ways." full story...

Phil Jones, with Flanders Filters Corp. of Washington NC, raved that "the service was great!" Jones stated that "all he had to do was pick his keys and his reciept up at the front desk all while he was in a meeting." "I wasn't required to pay ahead of time and the service was great. "
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Jackie Hill, with Flanders Filters Corp. of Washington NC, said "she was skeptical at first, but now thinks it was a great idea. Thanks Jackie for the feedback.
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  • We are committed to 100% compliance with ALL HAZMAT standards.
  • We go the extra steps needed to make sure that the services we provide have absolutely no residual affect on the environment when we complete our service.
  • To ensure this, our technicians place a "bib" or catch all underneath the entire area we service.
  • In addition to this, our vehicle(s) are completely equipped with HAZMAT Kits. In case of an emergency our techs will contain, secure, and remove the contaminated area only seconds after the emergency occurs.
  • We also recycle the fluids or "waste" that we remove from your vehicles.
  • We have partnered with a recycling center in order to ensure this oil doesn't end up in a ditch somewhere or out in someone's back lawn.


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