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Milagro Luigi, with Flanders Filters Corp. of Washington NC, said "she really appreciated that we were providing the service. That it really freeed her up in many ways." full story...

Phil Jones, with Flanders Filters Corp. of Washington NC, raved that "the service was great!" Jones stated that "all he had to do was pick his keys and his reciept up at the front desk all while he was in a meeting." "I wasn't required to pay ahead of time and the service was great. "
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Jackie Hill, with Flanders Filters Corp. of Washington NC, said "she was skeptical at first, but now thinks it was a great idea. Thanks Jackie for the feedback.
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How we take care of you:

  • We provide you the customer, with complete online access, with an easy to use interface, and access to customer profile, vehicle profile, service history, service commitment from you, all other documents previously agreed upon.
  • We provide you the customer, with a Zero Liability Service Agreement: Since our services are a mobile service and are brought to you. We understand and assume full responsibility for our actions. That our actions as a company and a service provider are insured up to $100,000.00 USD per vehicle or service request.
  • We provide you the customer, with the highest quality of professional preventative maintenance services available in the open market today.
  • We provide you the customer, noticeably improved MPG ratings, and fewer trips to the gas pump. Results gauranteed in 6mths or Free flush services immediately. When treatment has been completed correctly. You will see results immediately.
  • We provide you the customer, with three 100% Lifetime Protection Plan Coverage Options of up to $4,000.00/$2,000.00 per service interval.
  • We provide state of the art services, through technological innovation, to help protect you.
  • We provide a partnership, a commitment to preventative maintenance services, except we do all of the work for you, for the lifetime protection of your motorvehicle(s) asset value(s).

Our Business Process

  • Provide public access and create awareness of our professional preventative maintenance services.
  • Available for our customers to make appointments and we work around the clock, 24x7.
  • Zero liability agreement & Service terms.
  • Complete service form.
  • Set up an appointment.
  • Deliver services.
  • Make next approximate appointment.


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